An Easy Way to Learn Spanish (or English)

No-Work Spanish helps people learn a new language without taking extra time from their day, because so many people struggle with finding time for everything they want to do.

With No-Work Spanish audiobooks you can learn Spanish simply by listening to a story told in English and Spanish.

And now, No-Work Spanish is launching Bilingual Sticky Notes so you can see, hear and learn the names of common household objects in both Spanish and English as you walk around your home.

Convenient AND FUN

In addition to helping you learn Spanish easily, we believe learning a new language should be fun. Why?
- because you need more fun and less work in your life
- because unless a learn-Spanish product is fun OR you are a masochist or a drone, you won't keep using it
- because fun will engage your mind

Now, no two people share exactly the same idea of, "What is fun." So let me tell you how No-Work Spanish audiobooks help you learn Spanish and you can tell me if that sounds like something you'd like.

No-Work Spanish audiobooks tell a story. Each sentence of the story is read first in English, then in Spanish. At the end of each chapter, the chapter is repeated entirely in Spanish, to reinforce the Spanish version in the listener’s mind.

It's meant to be fun because...
- You can listen to these stories while you do other things
- They are meant to entertain. We even hope to make you laugh now and then
- No drills, no 'repeat after me'

Most language learning programs rely on repetition to make you remember. No-Work Spanish relies on the fact that emotional connection is what makes words memorable.

"Emotional connection is what makes words memorable" -- What do you mean by that?

Think about words you've heard that you will never forget. Bet it was something that made you feel really good or really bad. The more words touch your emotions, the more memorable they are.

No-Work Spanish audiobooks aren't going to make you laugh hysterically, cry with joy or sadness, BUT.... you can bet your bippie that we'll make you feel SOMETHING which is more than you will get repeating, " ¿Cómo estás? "

So being able to remember Spanish words because they made you feel something rather than because you studied them is fun or so our users feel.

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How can I try No-Work Spanish?

We offer the first three chapters of our most popular book absolutely free to give you a chance to see how they work. We will email it directly to you so that you can start experiencing the difference No-Work Spanish can make.

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How can I buy No-Work Spanish?

No-Work Spanish stories are available on CD's or as MP3 downloads. Each story has a different reader, so you will become familiar with variations in pronunciation. Click for details

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What others saying about No-Work Spanish?

You may doubt if you can really learn Spanish with a No-Work Spanish audio book. Please browse through some of our success stories and see how it has worked for others just like you!

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